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Jan 13th Meeting

In attendance: Marianne Novak, Pam Miller, Charlie Beard, Ed Goddard, Julie Mitchel, Cindy Huddleston

Old News was read:

• Famous YELLOW Trash bag sales

• Sales of YELLOW TRASH bags at Holiday Shoppe

• Christmas dinner

• New Years Eve Party

Correction was added PNC and Endeavor Grant written by Jan Sallee.Get with Pastor Kevin and send out website: Pastor Kevin could you send out the website, please?

New News was discussed:

• It was discussed and agreed upon that all fund raisers will be applied to Survive With Character Camp 2011.

• Julie gave a financial report: We have_$668.00__ and still owe Jan Sallee money for trash bags.

• Ed will contact Fed Ex for camp funds and take Trash bags to work to sell. Pam and Marianne will go through the Heritage Lake Directory and make contact for funds, Cindy is contacting Kohl’s and Tri-County back for funds.

• A camp date was set June 20th, 2011!!!!

• Check with Pastor Kevin about words and for what days.

• Programs ideas were: Pacers, DNR, Lafayette Zoo, Rescue Dogs, Colts, State Police, Fire Department, Home land Security, Drug Awareness, Crafts, Science nature, Art and still looking for more.

• Pam will contact Deanna for a program.

• Heritage Lake Garage Sale fund raiser was discussed: May 2 and 3rd for setting up and Sale will be May 4th 12 to 5, May 5,6 and 7th 9 to 5. More help will be need on May 2nd and 3rd to set up. Make phone calls and check in with Marianne Novak.

• It was suggested to have shirts for the workers same color for information and safety purposes.

• Pam will redo form for Yellow Trash Bag Sells and put Ed as a contact

• Make a new Wish List for camp. Meeting adjourned and now it’s time to get to work getting ready for camp. Please call if you have any other ideas or plans for camp.

Next meeting will be Feb 10, the second Thursday of the month @ 6pm @ the Heritage Lake Clubhouse.

Cindy & Julie

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